The Staaaaaart.

Why hello!

The preparations for the Birds in Branches EP begin, and I figured a shiny new website was thus in order.

As so many of my creative friends with day-jobs know, actually doing your favourite thing needs to be fought for.  Birds in Branches is like that for me.  Great once you’re doing it, but it is a gauntlet to actually get to there.

So all this fanciness is a testament to my confidence that soon there will be an EP.  I believe it, you can believe it – there needs to be this whole huge wave of belief.  This will be the first set of many finished songs.  See what I’m doing there?

You are very welcome to follow along the highs and lows of the process here on the blogular, I’m hoping it will be a diary of beginnings.

And maybe of wit.  Let’s believe more falsely in that too….


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