Solder Surgery

I’m not naturally that much of a DIY guy, and certainly not natural with electronics.

But good music gear is sometimes just sooo much money (or for keyboard players sooo non existent) that here I am. Ordering components, buying desoldering braid and generally getting my surgical on with a circuit board.

I bought a JLM baby animal preamp kit about 14 months back. These things sound like a Belgian beer tastes- all thick and deep and detailed. But you do have to build the critters. Using, like, hands and hot pointy melting implements.

Somehow (and I emphasise the wide-eyed perplexed nature of the word ‘somehow’) I got mine done. And then I went and broke it.  I blew a DI board testing out the new MFB synth II (more about that little piece of wonder later, lest I am tempted to convolute in my third post).

So after 5 giddy weeks waiting for 42 cents worth of FET (whatever exactly that is) to arrive from Thailand, the surgery is on.

If this doesn’t go well, the album will be recorded in mono….
*holds breath*

It appears to be fixed!

This is a weight off the mind, and a big scary item ticked off the list. Allowing things lower on the list that have a little more to do with music.

Very VERY glad about that.


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