On a Limb

So here’s an update then:
I’m away recording!


Well, at the moment very exhausted. Packed down the studio and just finished recreating it in it’s new temporary home far far away. See it all in the pic? Look how happy it all is!

Oh so thankfully everything seems to be working and the room even sounds pretty good.

Not sure how the posts will go, I’ve got 3 days and a big list- it’s all go up here. But I will try to take a few videos to make a record of the goings on.

Also, I have 11 songs finished, as was my goal before coming away! Ok the last few demos are unfinished and a little sketchy (in the yuk way), but I’m still calling it a win by the skin of my teeth. Because I decide the wins.

So on the agenda is demo tidying, and parts. Beats, bass, keys first and maybe more vocals if I feel drawn to polishing up a snippet for posting.

But right now, so much sleep.


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