Branch broken, free falling

Well it has begun, and I couldn’t be more glad. The photo is my big recording progress sheet with a bunch of boxes with lines through them. Yes indeed.

The general hassle and sweat of moving a studio and the short timeframe in the mountain shack kicked me into motion, and I was actually rather disciplined- long days, alarms to wake up, to-do lists, progress goals. Seriously.

Here’s an interesting fact though: it is still hard.
Even when making an EP is really all I want to be doing and I constantly pine for the chance, given that chance I still have to force myself to actually sit down in the chair and pick a song to open. Not sure why that is, but it is.

But after chaining myself to the desk (well, the pile if furniture and road cases), I’ve done about 60% of 3 tracks. And fixed and finished the demos. So no snippets to post, but you can trust me that things are in motion, and that is such a relief.

I did take a little iPhone video here and there, and I may just compile a little YouTube memoir of me in a small house making sounds. It will be one for the musos probably, as there was no time for hilarious stir-crazy nonsense, just making of. Ok the stir-crazy nonsense did creep in, it just feels lame filming yourself dancing, so I didn’t. Yet.

Now I’m away a bit over the next weeks, so I’ll try and name the EP and start thinking cover art concepts while there are no keyboards handy.

Then I can’t wait to hear with fresh ears what I’ve done. Oh I do hope it’s good.


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