Cheers and Nexts

Sending out thanks to a lot of generous and encouraging people.  Thanks.  I didn’t expect the number of hits and kind words from a single Facebook status, you guys are going to make me blush.

Seeing this page seems to have moved from talking to myself to talking to a number of other humans, I have yet more motivation to keep it rolling pretty fast.  As if I needed more.

I have a couple of other songs getting close to final tweaks and mixing – closest is a song called ‘Robot’ which features a lot in the Wally video below and is sounding cool.  Another is a late entry called ‘Some Day’ that has squeezed its way to the front of the queue because it has a certain sense about it that is a mystery to me – and there is a special part that I am enlisting special help for (vague enough?).

But I have some time at the coast over the next weeks with wife and friends and a few minimal bits of gear, and I’d rather spend that time on the earlier (more creative) phases of making tracks than the polishing of nearly finished ones.  Besides, my laptop couldn’t open any of my nearly finished projects, I really put that poor studio computer to hard labour.

Soooooo this means the next song is not about to drop yet, but the EP itself is marching closer by the minute.  Faster than ever actually, fueled by interest from people just like (and including) you.  Thanks for coming here and doing that.

In celebration of this brave new stage, here is a picture of me yesterday to be taken as a metaphor. A city boy trying to make friends with a tracktor from the 50’s. Incidentally I did get it moving and I did not die. I hope that’s part of the metaphor.


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