The shortest post that e’re there was

I like to go on youtube, search ‘in the studio’ and watch people make music. Even if I don’t know them or their music, I just love to watch music be made.

I tend to daydream that maybe I could do the same one day.

Well, I thought back over this week. It was mostly far from music. But around the edges I managed to: squeeze into tracks some synth sounds like I have never heard before, find guitar parts for a new song on the trusty tele, practice some acoustic versions, and today a room full of cool people clapped and bumped ramdom objects through a chorus that may take form this coming week.

It’s not a lot and it seems harder than it looks on youtube. But the facts say that I’m doing the very thing I most often dream of doing.
And that, I have suddenly realised, is one of the best things that has ever happened.

Blessed is a word that I think deserves to keep it’s weight, to not be used lightly. But I really think I have been….. blessed.


One response

  1. jen

    lol darling its exactly what we were talking about tonight…if you resist and/or think its all too hard than thats exactly what you should be doing! can’t wait to hear the music – i can get references for position of number one groupie if you need it x

    April 10, 2011 at 3:43 am

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