not quite dead

Be assured, I’m still here. Just, perhaps, after a frenzied June, but still kicking.

In fact, it’s my birthday, and I’ve taken the day off work to work on vocals for the 7th and final EP track ‘forwards and faster’.  Note the photo proof above.  Closer by the day.

In very exciting news, I have ‘robot’ back from my chosen mix and master man CJ Devillar in LA, and it sounds real tasty.  Nai (my wife and self appointed hype manager) has agreed to let me post another preview soon, so I’m obediently waiting on getting ‘Chasing the Wind’ back from CJ – it will be a better taster.

A little backstory, attentive readers may note that not so many posts ago I was mixing my own EP. Well, I decided to splurge and try some fresh ears and skills for one track (robot, as I said), and the result was wonderful. Not just in sound quality, but in my ability to listen to it without going into a panicked sweat of uncertainty. So while I’m not sure that I can afford CJ for all tracks, I’ll be selling organs to get him on as many as possible.  Even if you don’t know what a mix engineer is, your ears will thank him.

A bunch of people have been asking for a time frame, and since we’re away in August, maybe late September or early October for release.  Launch listening party and all if we’re lucky.  More on those later.

Back to it.  Best birthday ever.


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