First one down…

So the first ever Birds in Branches gig happened.  It is done.  And the earth still spins, gravity still works.  All in all a success.

I had a great time, and my new friends in Mexico were wonderful, despite understanding almost nothing I said in my set.  Most people would learn Spanish for a gig in mexico, but I forgot all mine in the excitment.  Sorry about that (for any of you are google-translating this very sentence).  Also, you are chido.

I have some video snippets to cut together and post soon – I planned to put it up fast but we haven’t quite been chilling on couches.  The Mexico whirlwind of great fun (did I mention ‘Chasing the Wind’ was cranked in a Mexican club?!) was followed by a similarly-filled Canada version.  Involving road trips and surfing on in a giant freshwater lake (in the last few hours anyways).

So obviously I have lots to say, but these are the pearls that make a blog.  I’ll roll them out as we go.

In particular, my thoughts about live playing will leak out over time as it all sinks in, but it would be fair to say that I learned a lot in that hour.  And I have a lot more to learn.  For example, there is a lot to do at once when you’re alone on stage, and it’s surprisingly hard to do anything well.  Never considered that before.  Will now.  New respect for people who play and sing live.

As for us, we are heading to New York tomorrow.  Inconveniently, it looks like the worst storm/hurricane in hundreds of years is likely to hit New York once we get there.  So I’m praying that we will live to see another Birds in Branches show.  If these posts stop soon, assume the worst and cut us a tribute montage?  I suggest Phil Collins’ ‘Rain Down’ as soundtrack, but go with what feels right.


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