moving pictures of that first gig

For everyone who couldn’t swing it to mexico to catch the first ever show, I’ve cut a little video showing a few raw little bootleg videos from Nai’s camera.

I can say straight out that I didn’t play the best set in the history of time, but for a first one I think I was incredibly lucky.  Such a great venue, such great people.

You will notice that there are no beats or synths, just piano/rhodes off the laptop and some guests I managed to talk into playing with me unrehearsed.  I do plan to bring more electronic elements in for the next ones, but I’m carefully avoiding being that guy running backing tracks off a laptop.  I can’t dance well enough 😉  So those parts will come as I can learn to perform them.  Or convince some other humans to.

But there is time for all that later.  For now, here it is: the live beginnings from Queretaro, Mexico.

Oh oh also, here are some tunes by Luis Alonso.  He is the 16 year old support act, and the kid really really knows what he is doing live.  Keep an eye on him, particularly if you are conversant in espanol.



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