Launch Sequence Initiated

I’m really keen to release this thing.  Really keen.

The Bandcamp site is loaded and ready, awaiting only my click to say go.  Itunes and associated digital content providers worldwide, also awaiting only the click.

Physical cd’s here, working great, looking great.  Liner note poster to arrive in the next handful of days.

I just cannot seem to find a cool place to launch.  My requirements:

1. Cool.  (I admit my standard of cool may be a little picky)

2. Able for me to run a listening party with a few live songs and maybe some surprises.

Not as easy as you would think this time of year.  Exploring some more creative avenues, but I can’t rule out an awkward 21st style party in a fluorescent, overly lit community hall as a last resort.  Or maybe that could be my thing?  From unusual gigs to just awkward gigs.

Any suggestions considered if you want to avoid my embarking on such a trajectory.

Thanks to everyone who has been so paitent amidst my steely resolve to wait for the launch, I hope it isn’t long now at all.


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