Launch Details

The big moment nears. I literally cannot wait. Do come if you can. Do.

As you can see, it’s on the 20th December at the Green Room Lounge in Enmore. Very cool place, as soon as I walked in I knew I wanted to launch there. Luckily the owners are cool, and it’s happening.  Here’s a facebook event if you like them:

7pm start with a listening party (hear the actual EP for the first time).
9pm or so I’ll play some songs live, if the mood takes us all. I think it will.

The especially cool thing about the Green Room Lounge is happy hour is until 8.  That’s surely a reward for timeliness.

Apologies to those who are away, I know it’s a stupid time to launch right before Christmas. But I just needed it to be really finished, for sanity related reasons. On the plus side, for everyone still around, it’s the right time of year for a sweet cocktail bar.

Free entry, come bearing a $10 note and you will head home with a cd in your player.
$8 will be the online price on Bandcamp, I’ll hit the ‘go’ button during the night so you can rush right home and throw it into your ipod. Few days delay on itunes and the allothermusicretailers blob if you are scared of the coolness that is Bandcamp.

And that is simply that.  I can’t wait to see you all, even those I haven’t met yet.  Come celebrate with us!


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