Itunes and Youtunes

For those of you saving up the Christmas itunes vouchers for such a purchase, the EP is now available there too.

Here are some linksies:

iTunes everywhere – USA, Australia, UK, Canada, etc

Bandcamp – (as before – worldwide, includes artwork)

Amazon mp3 (USA only for now)

Bandcamp has the full previews, includes the digital liner notes, and it also sends the most margin straight to back to me (85%!) – but all tracks are included in full everywhere.  Just buy where you prefer, I am thankful no matter where or how.

And since I’m here, why not an update?

Well, I have recovered from the launch with a smile and fond memories.  Thankyou to all who came, and all who yearned to come.  There is video of it being edited up, so you may get to live/relive it soon.  The response to the EP has been wonderful, as has the weight off my shoulders.

I have used the extra mental space to plunge headlong into things that include:

– Planning and honing skills for my first music video clips,

– Working on new stuff (I intended to have a break but I just love it too much),

– Chatting with some cool artists about playing some shows with them,

– Putting together a radio edit of ‘Run You Down’ to try my luck with some radio airplay.

So instead of ramping down, things are very much in movement.  More details soon.


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