In the middle of a big budget music video shoot.  Extensive catering, lots of cameras, weeks of soundstage time.

Ok, untrue.  But I am shooting a video.  With Nai, and look, she is a crew.

It’s for ‘Run You Down’, and it has a long ways to go.  But we have footage in and, so far, I think it will work.

I think video in the last few years has become like music like audio – all the hip gear and techniques are cool – but a guy with an idea and an ok little camera (and perhaps a relentless obsession with learning and tweaking) can give it a surprisingly good crack.  I will try and be that guy, for five minutes of your entertainment.

I sure do like making a needless chopping motion with my arm while saying ‘action’.  I assume that’s what directors do…. ?

I’m sure they do.

Here’s one of my afternoon test efforts to get a feel for this brave new world of eyes (as opposed to ears).  The soundtrack is a quick octatrack jam.  That part is for ears.


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