Radio Radio

I really like the radio.  My overall favorite kind of radio is Triple J.

Despite (possibly) not being the right sound for them at the moment, it remains one of my little life dreams to be played on Triple J.  Right up there with playing ‘the Metro’ in Sydney.  These are two of my dreamiest things.

A lot of kind people have been asking if there is anything they can do to help me get heard.  I’m still learning what marketing even is, but this is the one way for now where I really can be helped.  There is a lot of music that is posted up there all the time, it’s hard/impossible for the busy busy staff to listen to it all.  But I figure if a few kind people rate and/or review me and it makes enough ‘splash’, I might be able to get on the charts and get a few new listens.  And then you just never know, right?

So I’ve made a ‘radio’ version of ‘Run You Down’ – it’s tweaked a little, trimmed a bit, more agile for the big wide world of radio, and I just posted it on my Triple J Unearthed page.  Feel free to grab it as a free download from there, and please consider a quick review and/or star rating if you would like to be one of those aforementioned kind helpers.

It does require making a quick login to go all the way and review, but it is also fun to have a login.  Unearthed is a cool place to wander your mouse through, I do a lot.  Computer mouse, that is.  Unless your real mouse can enter the internet, matrix-style – in which case I would be interested where a mouse would choose to surf, and if surfing the internet is actually much like surfing in water.  Big questions for a Wednesday.

That is all.  Except to say that the new video is challenging but looking good so far, and that I wrote a new song on the weekend that I’m very excited about.  So ….now that really is all.  Thanks in advance and good day.


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