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Ship Shape Profile 1000

Hello there once again.  You may notice I haven’t been adding expansive reams of content here, but I assure you I have been spending plenty of time making music.

Amongst a few things I have a new little project called ‘the ship shape’ which is an outlet for making quirky dancing music without vocals. It’s pretty fun.

Here are the first two of those:

I haven’t stopped with Birds in Branches though. Not at all. Shifting focus back here to finish some more new stuff soon with refreshed vigour.

And thanks to all who keep reminding me to play some shows. I hear you, I really do.

*internet hugs*


New Music – Is There A Song

Is There A Song Art

So here is a new song.

It is for (and kind of about) music lovers.


Love from Adam.

New Song – ‘I am the branch’ Live Preview

I’ve been working on some new stuff lately, here’s a quick live preview of one of the latest songs ‘I am the branch’.  Hope you enjoy the newer sound, much more synth and samples and less real instruments.


Trivia: it was scorching hot the day I decided to record this.  My studio must be like the hottest room in the whole apartment building too, so you can look close to see my tshirt and the blofeld keys are dripping wet with sweat.

I don’t know why you would want to know/look, but then isn’t the point of trivia is to be trivial?  *mind explosion*

GearNerd Moment:

I am making these latest songs totally on the Octatrack (the black sampler thing for non gearnerds still reading), and loving it.  Admittedly I’ve cursed it more than any machine I’ve owned, but in the end it is such a creative way to work. I’ll mix in Reaper, but try to do as much as possible in the sampler first.

A show!

I’m playing a show!  A rare thing at the moment I know, so come if you can.
It’s a cool venue (our own church building) and I’m supporting a cool band, Shed Muzak.

Here is the info and the facebook event.

And here is Nai in the promo vid.  Ain’t she pretty?

the return


Well hello internet! I haven’t seen you since back….you know… that thing…. Anyway how have you been?!

Yes, yes I know. I’ve been a little light on the sharing of news lately.
I have been doing plenty, but in small incremental pieces that never quite triggered an update. My bad. I must learn to make small incremental posts. I must be more of a friend to you, internet, like you are to me. I will learn.

But here we are now. So here’s the catch up.
The biggest thing happening in the background has been preparing the live show.

I know my stuff can be a little hard to ‘crack’ at first, so I’ve decided that birds in branches needs a good live show, as kind of a ‘way in’ to grasp the songs. So I’m trying to learn to play my songs in such a way. It is slow and humble work, and I should again mention slow. But I’m making progress. I have built a new live rig called ‘Cumulus’, and have been turning and tuning my songs into different beasts – live beasts. You can see Cumulus in production mode up top.

I also have new songs and sounds and material in a queue of progress. The songs are (in my opinion) getting more vivid, and my sound is getting larger. Some are not so far from some live testing and teasers already, and I am pretty excited about that.

And last of all, our home just moved, and with it, the home studio. Good or bad? GOOD. The new home studio is possibly the best sounding room I’ve ever had access to. Plus in contrast to the last room, this one is further away from Nai attempting to sleep. Much further. So I’m looking forward to stepping things up again. I have already done a few late nights, like old times. I have some extra gear and sound treatment coming to make the most of it’s potential, then I dream of locking myself in there like a crazy hermit. Here is the new space, waiting for the new pieces to arrive.


Now you may be asking yourself how you missed my shows this year. Don’t beat yourself up, you didn’t. I didn’t play any. Well, any public ones.
But that is ready to change. I’ll post the details soon, just keep the 20th of October free.

Ok so there is a fair bit of catching up. But it’s OK. Fear not. I’ll come back with more detail and casually engaging rhetoric because I’ve returned to communication. I am back.


I have made a remix. Of a band I have loved for a long while.

Here is the birds in branches version of Switchfoot’s Afterlife:

Original song is here.

I rather like remixing. It’s a lot like making a normal song, with the bonus that I don’t have to listen to my own voice 1000000000 times. That is a lot of times to listen to one’s own voice. Remixing is cool because it is not so bad when it is Jon Foreman’s voice. Not so bad at all.

Switchfoot are a band worth keeping eyes on in my opinion. If you don’t know them, or stopped paying attention after their smash album, may I humbly suggest they have grown continually even better. Listen and/or listen again.

Also, this remix does happen to be an entrant in a contest. If you are reading this before the 27th March 2012, I would totally let you vote for mine here. It may win me a prize – some UE in-ear monitors. Something I am currently saving up for, but not very close to affording. I wish all prizes in all contests were that great.

That is all for now, just worked a loooong day job day with much driving. I’ll be staring into space for a while. Good eve.

Placements and Boardsports

Part of me always dreamed of being in a boardsport video.  I remember paying $40 and more to import short VHS videos of cool riders as a younger lad.

Sadly, I am enthusiastically mediocre at surfing, snowboarding and skating.  So that dream was a stretch.

BUT that isn’t the only way to a video.  To my great delight, hear me in the two videos shot for the ‘Australian Open of Surfing’ held recently.  It’s a real honour, actually.

I’m in at 0.40 here:


And 1:08 here:


Cool hey.

Run You Down Music Video

Here it is, the first ever Birds In Branches music video clip.  It has just landed in Vimeo, and it makes me happy when I watch it.  I hope that is contagious.

Nai and I made it together, which I think is fitting for this one.   Here here here it is:

Run You Down from Birds In Branches on Vimeo.

Radio Radio

I really like the radio.  My overall favorite kind of radio is Triple J.

Despite (possibly) not being the right sound for them at the moment, it remains one of my little life dreams to be played on Triple J.  Right up there with playing ‘the Metro’ in Sydney.  These are two of my dreamiest things.

A lot of kind people have been asking if there is anything they can do to help me get heard.  I’m still learning what marketing even is, but this is the one way for now where I really can be helped.  There is a lot of music that is posted up there all the time, it’s hard/impossible for the busy busy staff to listen to it all.  But I figure if a few kind people rate and/or review me and it makes enough ‘splash’, I might be able to get on the charts and get a few new listens.  And then you just never know, right?

So I’ve made a ‘radio’ version of ‘Run You Down’ – it’s tweaked a little, trimmed a bit, more agile for the big wide world of radio, and I just posted it on my Triple J Unearthed page.  Feel free to grab it as a free download from there, and please consider a quick review and/or star rating if you would like to be one of those aforementioned kind helpers.

It does require making a quick login to go all the way and review, but it is also fun to have a login.  Unearthed is a cool place to wander your mouse through, I do a lot.  Computer mouse, that is.  Unless your real mouse can enter the internet, matrix-style – in which case I would be interested where a mouse would choose to surf, and if surfing the internet is actually much like surfing in water.  Big questions for a Wednesday.

That is all.  Except to say that the new video is challenging but looking good so far, and that I wrote a new song on the weekend that I’m very excited about.  So ….now that really is all.  Thanks in advance and good day.


In the middle of a big budget music video shoot.  Extensive catering, lots of cameras, weeks of soundstage time.

Ok, untrue.  But I am shooting a video.  With Nai, and look, she is a crew.

It’s for ‘Run You Down’, and it has a long ways to go.  But we have footage in and, so far, I think it will work.

I think video in the last few years has become like music like audio – all the hip gear and techniques are cool – but a guy with an idea and an ok little camera (and perhaps a relentless obsession with learning and tweaking) can give it a surprisingly good crack.  I will try and be that guy, for five minutes of your entertainment.

I sure do like making a needless chopping motion with my arm while saying ‘action’.  I assume that’s what directors do…. ?

I’m sure they do.

Here’s one of my afternoon test efforts to get a feel for this brave new world of eyes (as opposed to ears).  The soundtrack is a quick octatrack jam.  That part is for ears.

Itunes and Youtunes

For those of you saving up the Christmas itunes vouchers for such a purchase, the EP is now available there too.

Here are some linksies:

iTunes everywhere – USA, Australia, UK, Canada, etc

Bandcamp – (as before – worldwide, includes artwork)

Amazon mp3 (USA only for now)

Bandcamp has the full previews, includes the digital liner notes, and it also sends the most margin straight to back to me (85%!) – but all tracks are included in full everywhere.  Just buy where you prefer, I am thankful no matter where or how.

And since I’m here, why not an update?

Well, I have recovered from the launch with a smile and fond memories.  Thankyou to all who came, and all who yearned to come.  There is video of it being edited up, so you may get to live/relive it soon.  The response to the EP has been wonderful, as has the weight off my shoulders.

I have used the extra mental space to plunge headlong into things that include:

– Planning and honing skills for my first music video clips,

– Working on new stuff (I intended to have a break but I just love it too much),

– Chatting with some cool artists about playing some shows with them,

– Putting together a radio edit of ‘Run You Down’ to try my luck with some radio airplay.

So instead of ramping down, things are very much in movement.  More details soon.

The Interview Video

The interview video from last night is all loaded up.

At the end I talk about hoping the launch “is a party” – turns out it was all that and more.  Gladness.

Have I said thankyou too much?  Don’t care.  Thankyou again.

We have launch.

It is done.  Amazing.

I am exhausted, but very thankful.  Thanks so much to you guys that could come.  It is true to say I was overwhelmed by attendance and encouragement.  Literally, overwhelmed.

They are your songs too now, please love them like your own.

Here is the best (and cheapest) place to listen and buy:

Itunes and all the other methods are submitted and expected within days in case you prefer them.

And now, I sleep.  With a smile.

Almost There, Almost There

It is now countable in the hours instead of the days.

Tomorrow evening you will finally be allowed to hear and own my efforts.  And I can feel glad.  And relieved.  And sleep more soundly.  Good all round.

It’s sounding like a pretty serious turnout actually, but the more the merrier.  Jump on the last minute party bandwagon if you can make it to the Green Room Lounge in Enmore at 7pm tomorrow (Tuesday 20th December).

For the international super-keen-beans I’m planning to hit the go button for Bandcamp during the night at roughly 9pm Australian Eastern time.  That can also be your go time if you are in fact so very keen.

Thanks for everyone’s support, we are most certainly in the home stretch now!  Almost almost almost.

Speakers and Sparks and Stories

I am writing for a blog with some friends.  I’m enjoying it a lot, because I love how these guys think and write.

If you like the more whimsical of my posts here, you might dig my stuff over there even more.

Try it on for size…


(pause for dramatic intent).



Launch Details

The big moment nears. I literally cannot wait. Do come if you can. Do.

As you can see, it’s on the 20th December at the Green Room Lounge in Enmore. Very cool place, as soon as I walked in I knew I wanted to launch there. Luckily the owners are cool, and it’s happening.  Here’s a facebook event if you like them:

7pm start with a listening party (hear the actual EP for the first time).
9pm or so I’ll play some songs live, if the mood takes us all. I think it will.

The especially cool thing about the Green Room Lounge is happy hour is until 8.  That’s surely a reward for timeliness.

Apologies to those who are away, I know it’s a stupid time to launch right before Christmas. But I just needed it to be really finished, for sanity related reasons. On the plus side, for everyone still around, it’s the right time of year for a sweet cocktail bar.

Free entry, come bearing a $10 note and you will head home with a cd in your player.
$8 will be the online price on Bandcamp, I’ll hit the ‘go’ button during the night so you can rush right home and throw it into your ipod. Few days delay on itunes and the allothermusicretailers blob if you are scared of the coolness that is Bandcamp.

And that is simply that.  I can’t wait to see you all, even those I haven’t met yet.  Come celebrate with us!

The Big Day: 20th December 2011

Big news. This is happening.  My EP launch listening party and show has just been confirmed.

Tuesday evening, 20th December.
I’m giddy because it’s happening. I’m giddy because it is going to be here.

More details to come, but save that date.
Save iiiiiiiit……!

Launch Sequence Initiated

I’m really keen to release this thing.  Really keen.

The Bandcamp site is loaded and ready, awaiting only my click to say go.  Itunes and associated digital content providers worldwide, also awaiting only the click.

Physical cd’s here, working great, looking great.  Liner note poster to arrive in the next handful of days.

I just cannot seem to find a cool place to launch.  My requirements:

1. Cool.  (I admit my standard of cool may be a little picky)

2. Able for me to run a listening party with a few live songs and maybe some surprises.

Not as easy as you would think this time of year.  Exploring some more creative avenues, but I can’t rule out an awkward 21st style party in a fluorescent, overly lit community hall as a last resort.  Or maybe that could be my thing?  From unusual gigs to just awkward gigs.

Any suggestions considered if you want to avoid my embarking on such a trajectory.

Thanks to everyone who has been so paitent amidst my steely resolve to wait for the launch, I hope it isn’t long now at all.


OK OK OK, especially for the persistent people reminding me, here’s a little video snapshot of the IKEA gig.  Just a few little cuts from a single camera angle, but you can see the vibe.  The strange and yet wonderful vibe.  Weird day, cool day.

Oh Sweden

Sweden is cool.
IKEA is cool.
This morning’s opening party was much fun. Rain schmain.

Thanks to everyone- especially the fun IKEA superfans in the front rows and my early morning friends.

More to come later, we have a little video even.
Still in IKEA actually. Saw a nice table….

Standard rock and roll morning?

Edit:  Didn’t get the table, but impulse bought a lot.  Standard.  Added a photo up top by Nai with our new camera.  She learns fast.  Camera nerd Nai.


look what just arrived…

I think it might be time to book a launch date, as I have physical proof that I actually made an EP.  200 little proofs.  Amazing.

Long time readers may recall that I was planning a digital only release all along.  Well I’m unreliable like that.  Enough cd lovers convinced me it’s worth the extra effort and cost to have a physical option.

The plan is to find an evening, book a place, have a chilled listening party, and then make cd’s and digital released all at the same second.  For the sake of relishing that wonderful second.  Until then, you’ll have to ride in my car with me to hear it.  And that car hasn’t been vacuumed in a while.

In conclusion, if I die today (which isn’t impossible, I feel pretty sick), I will have finished some music.  The actual feeling is a strange kind of relief.  With a dash of excitement and a big spoonful of thankfulness.

Unusual Gigs ‘R Us

How do you follow the first ever gig in Mexico?  You can’t.

Unless…. You play at 8am on a Thursday morning amongst a sea of meatballs and an Abba cover band.  That’s the only way.

So, armed with that information, I knew my mission.

On 3rd of November at 8am, you will be able to witness the first ever Australian birds in branches show as part of the IKEA Tempe store opening party.  You and anyone else who is really keen for swedish storage.  My keyboard (who was born in Stockholm) could not be more excited.

It will also be the first ever ‘electronic’ birds in branches show, as between the EP finalising I have acquired another swedish beauty (whom Nai has lovingly named the ‘octopus’).  I am filling it with little pieces of my songs for live triggering and mangling.  Sweden is the source of so much good right now.

While it doesn’t mention me in the facebook event, I can assure you I am one of numerous additional surprises:

Come on down if you would like to say hello.  Or if you would rather not say hello, but really need a home for those knick knacks on the table.  See you there in either of those cases.  Rock and roll.

nearly nearly

Here’s a quick one just to prove to you that I’m still here.

I’m in a bubble this week, finalising mixes and artwork. When I say bubble, it’s a very focussed state devoid of sleep and much human conversation. Not unlike a quarantined bubble at all really.

It’s a very finnicky time in the process, and I’m yearning to get back to the blue sky of playing and writing. But on the wonderful other hand it’s tastably close to ‘ordering a run of cd’s day'(!) Or so I think each night in the delirious hours…

At moments I’m calling into question my ‘do EVERYTHING myself’ approach (I admit it can be a little tiring and lonely), but I am loving how connected it’s all feeling (songs, art, sound). I hope that translates. I hope that a lot.


Walking Crazy Talk

I will miss Steve Jobs. Not because my Macbook Air is essentially part of my body, but because he was a man who walked his talk. Quotes like this would sound too wonderful to be true, but he seemed to be the proof of it.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do… If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”

Steve Jobs (2005)
Via Chicago Tribune.

This hits the heart of the wrestle. What if he is right?