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I am writing for a blog with some friends.  I’m enjoying it a lot, because I love how these guys think and write.

If you like the more whimsical of my posts here, you might dig my stuff over there even more.

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(pause for dramatic intent).



Launch Details

The big moment nears. I literally cannot wait. Do come if you can. Do.

As you can see, it’s on the 20th December at the Green Room Lounge in Enmore. Very cool place, as soon as I walked in I knew I wanted to launch there. Luckily the owners are cool, and it’s happening.  Here’s a facebook event if you like them:

7pm start with a listening party (hear the actual EP for the first time).
9pm or so I’ll play some songs live, if the mood takes us all. I think it will.

The especially cool thing about the Green Room Lounge is happy hour is until 8.  That’s surely a reward for timeliness.

Apologies to those who are away, I know it’s a stupid time to launch right before Christmas. But I just needed it to be really finished, for sanity related reasons. On the plus side, for everyone still around, it’s the right time of year for a sweet cocktail bar.

Free entry, come bearing a $10 note and you will head home with a cd in your player.
$8 will be the online price on Bandcamp, I’ll hit the ‘go’ button during the night so you can rush right home and throw it into your ipod. Few days delay on itunes and the allothermusicretailers blob if you are scared of the coolness that is Bandcamp.

And that is simply that.  I can’t wait to see you all, even those I haven’t met yet.  Come celebrate with us!

The Big Day: 20th December 2011

Big news. This is happening.  My EP launch listening party and show has just been confirmed.

Tuesday evening, 20th December.
I’m giddy because it’s happening. I’m giddy because it is going to be here.

More details to come, but save that date.
Save iiiiiiiit……!

Launch Sequence Initiated

I’m really keen to release this thing.  Really keen.

The Bandcamp site is loaded and ready, awaiting only my click to say go.  Itunes and associated digital content providers worldwide, also awaiting only the click.

Physical cd’s here, working great, looking great.  Liner note poster to arrive in the next handful of days.

I just cannot seem to find a cool place to launch.  My requirements:

1. Cool.  (I admit my standard of cool may be a little picky)

2. Able for me to run a listening party with a few live songs and maybe some surprises.

Not as easy as you would think this time of year.  Exploring some more creative avenues, but I can’t rule out an awkward 21st style party in a fluorescent, overly lit community hall as a last resort.  Or maybe that could be my thing?  From unusual gigs to just awkward gigs.

Any suggestions considered if you want to avoid my embarking on such a trajectory.

Thanks to everyone who has been so paitent amidst my steely resolve to wait for the launch, I hope it isn’t long now at all.


OK OK OK, especially for the persistent people reminding me, here’s a little video snapshot of the IKEA gig.  Just a few little cuts from a single camera angle, but you can see the vibe.  The strange and yet wonderful vibe.  Weird day, cool day.

Oh Sweden

Sweden is cool.
IKEA is cool.
This morning’s opening party was much fun. Rain schmain.

Thanks to everyone- especially the fun IKEA superfans in the front rows and my early morning friends.

More to come later, we have a little video even.
Still in IKEA actually. Saw a nice table….

Standard rock and roll morning?

Edit:  Didn’t get the table, but impulse bought a lot.  Standard.  Added a photo up top by Nai with our new camera.  She learns fast.  Camera nerd Nai.


look what just arrived…

I think it might be time to book a launch date, as I have physical proof that I actually made an EP.  200 little proofs.  Amazing.

Long time readers may recall that I was planning a digital only release all along.  Well I’m unreliable like that.  Enough cd lovers convinced me it’s worth the extra effort and cost to have a physical option.

The plan is to find an evening, book a place, have a chilled listening party, and then make cd’s and digital released all at the same second.  For the sake of relishing that wonderful second.  Until then, you’ll have to ride in my car with me to hear it.  And that car hasn’t been vacuumed in a while.

In conclusion, if I die today (which isn’t impossible, I feel pretty sick), I will have finished some music.  The actual feeling is a strange kind of relief.  With a dash of excitement and a big spoonful of thankfulness.