Find the latest stuff here:

Is There A Song Art

And here is the first EP:

Hear it here:

You may also buy your very own copy for keeps if you like.   It is now also available across a spectrum of internet procurement establishments, including:

Bandcamp – (worldwide, includes digital liner note artwork)

iTunes everywhere – USA, Australia, UK, Canada, etc

Amazon mp3 (USA only for now)

I personally think Bandcamp is the coolest – full previews, includes the digital liner notes, and it also sends the most margin straight to back to me (85%!).  But sometimes it’s just more fun to buy on your iphone, I dig that too.

CDs have been created in a small run, so jump in quick at a gig if you prefer to listen to your music by the power of lasers – but note that the bandcamp download does include the artwork in high resolution digital glory.


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